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Friendly vs TDM by Shadow=SIT= on Wednesday, March 03 2004
Today we played a friendly match against TDM. First map was a draw, the 2nd was won bij TDM and the last one was clocked by us.
Tnx for playing, Sh, Sh2, Gj, B, Dr and $
Finaly we won again by Shadow=SIT= on Tuesday, January 13 2004
After to many fights we finally won one. Playing against FF we ended the game with 3 maps won.
Tnx Tmo, Sw, Q, B and Sha for playing.
Match vs TDM (CTF) by The FoX =SiT= on Tuesday, December 23 2003
We played a DFLW CTF match against TDM. We lost with 1-2. It was a very nice game! Thanks & GG TDM. Players: T-Mo, Painless, Beecher, Legolas, The FoX
Match vs GATS by Shadow=SIT= on Wednesday, November 26 2003
Finaly an update on the news.
Today we played a match against our german neighbours GATS. It ended in an 1-1-1 draw. GG GATS!
New member by Shadow=SIT= on Tuesday, October 14 2003
The supporttroop has arrived. Welcome Godfather inside the camp.
Match vs ET by Quara=SIT= on Friday, September 26 2003
Tonight we had a match against the Euro Troopers. It was our first TFB match with bhd. We lost it. Thnx for the game ET. Players: Painless, GreenEye, Xorcist, Ðucktøy and Quara.
SIT vs BOF by Uki =SIT= on Tuesday, September 23 2003
AT 23-09-03 we played a BHD match and won with 4-0 (TKOTH)
thx BOF and all sit players
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