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SIT vs [[RS]] by Quara=SIT= on Saturday, September 20 2003
At 17 September we played a Black Hawk Down match against [[RS]]. We lost it with 3 to 1. GG: We, V1N, Greeneye, Xorcist, Nintendo and Quara.
SIT vs DFS by Quara=SIT= on Friday, September 19 2003
Tonight we played a Land Warrior match against DFS. We won it with 2-0. Thanks for the fun DFS! GG: Shadow, Ðucktoy (Snow), .Ðrag, Mc and Quara.
Match vs DCS by Shadow=SIT= on Monday, September 15 2003
Today we played a friendly game against *DCS*. After the fist map ended in a draw we where able to win the other 3 maps. Tnx for playing We, P¹, SR (Sw), X and $.
SIT vs FOT by Quara=SIT= on Wednesday, September 10 2003
Tonight we played an exciting match against the Fallout team. We played for the change Land Warrior. We won the match with 2 to 1. Thanks for the game FOT! Uki, Shadow, B@ndid, Chaos, We and Quara, thanks for playing and gg!
Match vs. SvO by Shadow=SIT= on Sunday, September 07 2003
Tonight we lost a BHD match vs SvO with 1-3. Tnx for playing Ge, P¹, X, Uk (later Fx), DC and Shadow.
Site updates by Shadow=SIT= on Saturday, September 06 2003
Finaly some new updates.
I added some matchcounters on the battle page, added a challenge form, some files are added and a few links can be found.
SIT vs -X by Quara=SIT= on Friday, September 05 2003
Tonight we played a DF Black Hawk Down match vs eXterminators. We won it with 4 to 0! Thanks for the match X! Painless, Uki (later Shadow), Xorcist, Greeneye, T-mo and Quara, thnx for playing and gg!
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